About the Artist

Hi there, thank you so much for visiting my website! I’m Melissa Thomas, a.k.a “MeltyArtz”, an Indiana-based freelance artist and illustrator with a passion for spreading joy through my work!  I’m a Holy Cross at Notre Dame alumna, I have a dual degree in graphic design/studio art with a specific focus in illustration.


Upon discovering my love for animation and film as a child, I quickly found myself enamored with re-creating colorful and expressive characters like the ones portrayed in movies and tv series I loved growing up. I’ve always been fascinated with the human connection, using poses and facial expressions to create emotion and meaning, so I aspire to bring these elements into my work, along with bright, vibrant colors that catch the eye.


As a huge pop culture fan, I enjoy taking inspiration from franchises like Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, and Star Trek to not only re-create iconic cinematic moments in my head, but to use these as motivation that inspires characters and worlds of my own. I have been very fortunate to create officially licensed artwork for companies such as Star Trek (CBS) at FanWraps.com, and my goal is to continue to offer my skills so they may inspire and offer a bit of color into someone’s life!


When I’m not creating new artwork, (which is rare!) I love spending time in nature, being with my family, investing long hours into my favorite soundtracks, or binge watching my favorite tv shows and movies, usually accompanied by a nice cup of tea!



If you’d like to request a commission from me or chat about freelance opportunities, please get in touch